Music You’re Missing Out On

I love music.  Very plain, and very simple.  And although I have phases and moods, I listen to almost every genre and a lot of artists.  It’s my opinion that music is the common link between everyone, because every culture ever discovered (and we’re pretty sure we’ve discovered all of them) has created some form of music.

And so, I wish to share my music with you.  Some of it is mainstream.  I have no problem with mainstream music because in all honesty, it got popular for a reason: a lot of people like it.  However, I also have a lot of music that’s off the grid.  I have friends in countries around the world and I always ask them to send me the top songs they’re listening to.  Feel free to do the same whenever you hear something you love.

At the moment, I’m passing through a ‘soul music’ phase.  Joss Stone, John Legend, Dave Matthews, and anyone else with a voice to die for are all essentials on my iPod.  I’m also loving the wonderfully hippie music of the John Butler Trio (affectionately known in Australia as the Million Dollar Hippie) and the strangely unique stylings of Sia.  Finally, my favourite European artists of the moment both hail from Denmark.  I was introduced to Medina and Rasmus Seebach by a very close friend of mine.  I beseech you: give their music a try.  I know the lyrics are in Danish, but foreign languages are not to be feared!

I know what it’s like to try searching for new music armed only with the name of an artist.  It sucks.  But you shouldn’t miss out just because you can’t spend hours searching for diamonds in the rough.  There are a few songs I want you to hear so badly that I’m going to give you the link straight to them.

I will first recommend my most favourite song of all time.  This song was recommended to me by a very close friend of mine, whose musical inclinations I’ve been extremely jealous of for many years.  I’m a firm believer that when it comes to music, sharing is caring.  With this song, I hope to earn your trust as an endorser of truly good music. Enjoy…

Ocean by John Butler Trio:  


4 thoughts on “Music You’re Missing Out On

  1. Here’s my list of greatness atm :p

    Sky Sailing – Tennis Elbow (The guy behind fireflies, makes som pretty chill guitar music too)
    Carpark North – Everything starts again (Danish band, make some pretty cool rock)
    Every Avenue – Tell me if I’m a wreck (really all Every Avenue songs are cool)
    A Day To Remember – All Signs Point to Lauderdale (The whole ‘What Seperates Me From You’ album is really good)

    More chill music is:

    Ron Pope – A drop in the Ocean
    The Beautiful Girls – La Mar (Learn yourself is pretty amazing too)
    And of course John Butler Trio :)

    I hope you know , it’s great for listening to music for free, legally (because of the Us Millinium Act).

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