Universities, Opportunities, and Uncertainties

The moment I’ve been endlessly anticipating for the last three and a half years has finally arrived: applying for university. 

The process was challenging, to say the least.  They warn you there are a lot of options and stress the importance of taking your time, but I guess no one really understands that until they experience it themselves.  There are so many variables in choosing a university; you have to consider available courses, the school’s reputation, location, money, accommodation, connection, student life, meal plans – the list goes on!  Many of the choices require comparing apples and oranges.  I’ll skim the details here.  I narrowed the list by concentrating on Ontario and Quebec, and cut out the universities that didn’t offer courses I’m interested in, had extremely low entrance averages, or focussed on a specific religious demonimation.  I was left with a much more manageable number of options.  After some extensive research on all of them (yes, I know I over-think everything) I ended up with the following list: McGill University, University of Toronto, and Guelph University, in that order.

McGill is the ideal.  The only dilemma is that I’m obviously not the only person who thinks so.  Thus, the application process is intensely competitive.  I’m feeling fairly confident about getting accepted.  However, if my application is rejected, I am 100% completely and totally thrilled with going to U of T.  (Guelph is mainly there as a Plan C).  The most exciting part is that all of the universities provide amazing opportunities (aside from the great education).  Attending McGill means living in bilingual Montreal and having extensive exchange and summer travel programmes available to me.  U of T is massive, and smack in the middle of downtown Toronto.   Need I say more?  The benefits of living in Toronto are endless.  The vibe, the people, the food, entertainment, and educational opportunities are all incredible – if you know where to look.

And yet … however uber-psyched I am to go to university, I still worry about a few things.  Well maybe more than  just a few, but there are only a few that nag at me.  If I get accepted to McGill, I’ll be in an unfamiliar city with no connections – fairly daunting.  If I end up at U of T, I’m in familiar territory, but I still have to worry about the massive class-sizes and campus, getting lost, and (dum dum duummmmm…) roommates.  I doubt any of these are strange or abnormal worries, but hey, I’m only human.  And just a kid one at that.

Anyway, I’ve applied and been acknowledged by all three universities (as well as Queen’s – I had one extra space on my “universities interested in” list) and so far, I’m on the right track.  With the first semester under my belt, and the second one looking promising, I’m feeling pretty good. 

On that encouraging note, I’m off to class. 

Love always,



4 thoughts on “Universities, Opportunities, and Uncertainties

  1. Awesome Kenzie, I am so excited for you. Great choices and am confident you will be able to choose in the end where you would like to go. Good luck and keep us posted. Thanks for including Gramma and I in your Blog.
    Lot’s of Love

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