I’ll have a slice of hedgehog, thanks.

Probably the greatest snack in the world

If I had to choose one food that describes my year in Australia, it would have to be Hedgehogs.  Yummy, yummy hedgehogs.  Don’t get too weirded out.

Hedgehog is to Australia as Beavertail is to Canada…

Sounds weird to the foreigners, but the locals have all tasted the scrumptiousness.

I have fond memories of these saran-wrapped bits of heaven.  I have no idea how I didn’t gain 20 pounds, as I ate one or two at least every day.  Actually, if I could have back all the money I spent last year on hedgehogs … well, I could probably afford a trip back for more!

So, I’ve reached into the cupboard and pulled out my own personal recipe book (which at the moment consists only of foods that I discovered in Australia) just to share this amazing snack with you, shared with me by my amazing host-mum, Mllee.  Here it goes…


125g butter

1 cup sugar

2 tbsp cocoa

250g sweet biscuits (like arrowroot cookies)

1 beaten egg


  • Crush the bikkies (but it’s better if you leave a lot of chunky bits!)
  • Melt butter, add sugar and cocoa, and mix until sugar is dissolved
  • Very quickly add the beaten egg (too slow and you will scramble eggs) [Sidenote: I don’t really see how that works, seeing as the egg is already beaten, but I’m just typing out what my host-mum left me!  I trust her implicitly with any type of food.]
  • Add this mixture and the chocolate to the crushed bikkies. And you’re done!
  • Squash it all into a rectangular “slice” tray (the kind you’d use for rice krispies or brownies), flatten it, and put it in the fridge to cool and harden.
  • Another option:  The hedgehogs I had in Australia had a thin layer of chocolate icing spread on top, and the ones I bought from my school cafeteria were always covered in sprinkles.  To me, it’s not a hedgehog unless there are sprinkles involved.  Just writing this is practically making me drool!

I hope you give the recipe a shot and enjoy it as much as I do.

PS, “bikkies” is Aussie short form for “biscuit” which implies both crackers and cookies.  Very important distinction in the kitchen-area.


Let me know what you think!

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