Greenpeace Top Ten Tips for Living Green

In 2008, Greenpeace wrote The Greenpeace Living Guide.  If I could post the whole book for you, I would.  But I know most people don’t care enough to read the whole book.  Apparently, so does Greenpeace.  So they started the book off with their top ten tips to living as green as possible…

  1. Drive less — walk, bike, or take public transit whenever possible.  If you have to drive, carpool and choose a car with the best mileage per litre you can find.
  2. Eat fewer animal products — meat and dairy products are incredibly resource intensive. It’s estimated that the grain used to feed livestock in 1 year in the US alone, could feed the world 5 times over.
  3. Eat organic, locally grown, GE-free foods — cut out the synthetic chemicals you ingest, and the greenhouse gas emissions involved in transportation.
  4. Buy less — save money and the environment.  Before you buy something, consider who made and under what conditions, how far it travelled to get to you, who really benefits from your purchase, how long it will last, and if you really need it.
  5. Choose fair trade — the global economic system uses whatever it can to generate profit, even humans and the environment.  Demand that your local stores carry fair trade certified products.
  6. Reduce airplane travel — this could be one of the most important things you do for the environment.  Take a train or bus for short trips, use video conferences instead of flying out for business meetings, and plan local vacations.
  7. Reduce waste — buy in bulk, and bring your own reusable bags, containers, and mugs.  Reduce energy waste as well: use compact fluorescent light bulbs, turn off the lights, and turn down the thermostat.
  8. Look into your municipality –ask your municipality about recycling, hazardous waste, water use reduction, pesticide-free lawn care, and rebates and incentives for green and efficient products.
  9. Tell everyone — word of mouth is the best advertising.  Get your friends and family involved, share green tips and this book.  The goal is to make green living the norm.
  10. Get political — Work for systemic change.  Canada needs environment and resource regulations with teeth, and politician with the guts to enforce the law.  Internationally, we need a regulatory system that can keep pace with the ever-expanding system of global trade.  And most importantly, we need international systems that privilege people and the planet over profit.

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