Two Types of People

Most people have a “two types of people” theory.  You know, there are two types of people in this world: those who drink Timmy’s and those who drink Starbucks; those who do their homework, and those who appreciate all the free time.  There are those who understand dichotomies.  There are those who pee in the shower and those who lie.

Well this is my theory:  There are two types of people:  those who say “It was just a phase!” and those who say “Embarrassing as it was, that’s part of who I am.”

Imagine, for example, getting a tattoo sometime before you turn 30.  Now at this age, you are definitely not finished baking.  You’ve still got a lot of living and learning left to do.  But you’re still a full person, with opinions, attitudes, and emotional connections.  In my opinion, if you spend some time thinking about something that means a lot to you at this point in your life and you get a tattoo of it, you shouldn’t regret it.  I think it’s damn important to have a connection to an image or phrase before you get it permanently stuck on you.  For example, a man who converted to Christianity after a near-fatal accident getting a tattoo of a cross?  That’s commitment.  Some dude who saw the same design in a book and thought it looked pretty cool?  That’s lame.

My whole point is that we grow, and every day we develop just a little bit.  Our experiences build on top of each other, and make us who we are.  So, if you’re the uptight businessman who spent his teenage years hanging with the goths and emos or the environmentalist who used to order take-out every night, remember who you were, because it’s part of who you are.  The people who can accept their past as part of them just seem to be so much happier.  That’s just something I’ve noticed lately.

PS, I saw Water for Elephants with mum the other day!  Incredible movie, funny and beautiful. And I hear the book is even better.  I would suggest it to anyone!


Let me know what you think!

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