Acceptances and Advertising

Hello everyone!

It’s been forever since I last posted, and there’s no excuse for that – at least none that I can think of anyway. There’s so much that’s happened since I last posted! Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. I am officially done high school
  2. I have a ‘real’ job
  3. I’m learning French
  4. I’m two for two with university acceptances

I’m done high school, and I won’t expand on that except to say, it feels amazing to know I will not have to deal with that lovely little drama ever again.

I love my job and we’re way past the honeymoon stage. In November, I applied for and got the job as a Yoga Advisor at Chrysalis Yoga. (Warning: this will sound like a sales pitch.) I absolutely love everything about this job: my amazing bosses, the gorgeous studio, and all the fantastic teachers that lead the classes. If you haven’t heard of it already, you must check our website, chrysalisyoga. Anything you want to know about the best hot yoga in Burlington can be found there.

I’m learning French. Through this phenomenal program called Fluenz, I’m learning how to speak French. I figure speaking both English and French makes me pretty employable in Canada. I also want to be able to talk to everyone if and when I get accepted to McGill. This language program is a thousand times better than Rosetta Stone or any other program. I kid you not, I have learned more in a couple lessons with Fluenz than I did in an entire semester of high school French. And I swear I’m not getting paid to say this. If you’ve ever even considered learning a language, you have to do it with this program.

I’m getting accepted! In November, I applied to Ottawa, Western, Queen’s, and McGill. I’ve been accepted to both Ottawa and Western, which is very encouraging. … Except that I only really want to go to Queen’s and McGill.  However, my two favourites don’t sent out their acceptances until April/May, so it may be a while before I hear from them. Fingers crossed!

People, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Everything feels like it’s all coming together.

Happy Leap Year!

Kenzie :)


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