University and Introversion (a quick update)

Hey everyone!

So, some big news: I am now 3 for 3 with universities. I just got a big package in the mail from Queen’s University that not only offered me admission, but also a $2,000 entrance scholarship!  I’m still waiting to hear from McGill though. I have to say, however, that if I am also offered admission to McGill, I’m going to have a very tough time  deciding between the two.

On a completely unrelated note, I found a video on TEDTalks that in the first minute seemed to encapsulate my entire life.  What’s interesting about the speaker is that I’ve actually been interested in buying the book she’s written on the subject for a couple weeks now. I didn’t realize the author and the speaker were the same person until she started talking about the book. She doesn’t mention the title in the talk, but it’s called Quiet, for anyone who’s interested.

I’ll leave the video here for you to have a look. It’s long, but it’s definitely worth hearing the whole thing. Enjoy!

Enjoy your Tuesday!



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