A Change of Taste

I go through phases with music. Apparently different years of my life — and of course, different seasons — call for different types of music. I’ll listen to just about anything; no particular genre of music offends me. Some people would say that means I have no personality of my own, some might say it means I have too many. Regardless, my preference of music has shifted once again. And this time, I’ve come full circle.

When I first started listening to my own music (not just whatever my parents and/or friends were listening to) it started with Country. How I went from Country to Screamo in one year bewilders me. Between my scary Screamo phase in grade nine and my current preferences, I’ve been through Rock, Pop, Top 40, Hip-Hop/Rap, Golden Oldies, Indie Alternative, Singer/Songwriter, and a whole lot of “Genre Unknown”.

The point is that I’m back, and I finally feel like I understand the music I’m listening to again. My love for Country is back full-force, along with a fascinating new appreciation for Bruce Springsteen. …And The Temptations, for some reason. My favourite part of Country music is that everyone can relate to 80% of the songs they hear on a Country station. (Yes, that is a statistical and completely accurate fact that I just made up.) Anyway, I thought I’d share a few of my new favourite songs with you. Enjoy!

Kenzie :)


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