Accepting, Purling, and Placeling

Hello everyone!!

I have some very important things to tell you today!  Well, I have one important thing to tell you…the others are just fun and cool :P

First and most importantly, I have accepted Queen’s University! I am officially a part of the class of 2016 and I’ve put my deposit down for residence. I absolutely cannot wait to start learning again in September. I won’t be majoring until next year, but I’m still pretty excited to be starting first year Psychology, Linguistics, and Cognitive Science courses.  Once I know all of my classes for sure, I will let you guys know.

Now, don’t judge me on this second one. I’ve started knitting…again. And I’m not starting with a scarf or socks. I’m starting with two pillows (I wanted something that I might actually use). They have a fairly simply pattern, but I’ve got to say that so far, it looks awesome!  I’m going to put pictures up as soon as I finish them, so everyone can see that knitting is not so lame.

I’ve discovered this really cool Canadian app called Placeling. It’s a beautiful app that allows people to tag their favourite places whether they’re restaurants, clubs, salons, shopping centres, or interesting landmarks. You can add why you’ve chosen each place, add a picture, and a link to encourage others in your area to go as well. Once enough people start using this app and following other locals, people will be able to look to this app for advice on places in your area. So I’m advertising it (you can get it here or in the app store) and I know that somehow, I can link my Placeling account to my wordpress blog. I just don’t know exactly how to do it. So, maybe if I stop being my technologically-challenged self, I will get that up and running.

See you all soon!


Also, Stefan wanted me to mention him in my blog. So…there ya go honey.


2 thoughts on “Accepting, Purling, and Placeling

  1. Congrats on getting accepted to Queen’s and thanks for the kind words about Placeling. As a Queen’s grad (Sci ’00) I can tell you you’re going to have a great time.

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