More than books…

Hello everyone :)

Whenever I watch a movie scene in an old university library or study hall or personal office, there is always one very specific thing that I am drawn to, if it is present. One thing that I’ve always wanted, no matter what life-phase I’ve been in. One thing that—if I had it—would signify my growing up, one thing that would result in better grades and more thoughtful, careful work. Anyone who knows me would probably assume that this item is a certain book, or more likely, all the books in the world. They would be mistaken. I want this particular artifact more than books.

This particular artifact, as strange as it may sound, is a lamp. Not just any lamp though. I desperately crave a blueish-green, single-shade, brass-based Emeralite banker’s lamp sitting on my desk. I can’t fully explain why but for some reason this lamp symbolizes (to me, anyway) the hard-working, uninterrupted, meticulous studiousness of people who go on to do great things. I would rather spend time reading or writing by the deep emerald glow of this lamp, than by sunshine on the beach, by candlelight, moonlight, or any other kind of light.

It may sound to you like a little girl imagining her life a thousand times better if she could only have a pony…and it is kind of like that. Except that even if I’m wrong about the extraordinary inspirational and encouraging powers of this lamp, I’m still left with a pretty decoration and more light than I had before.

I’d love to know if anyone else has wanted something seemingly arbitrary this much, and if you ended up getting it.

Enjoy your Tuesday, folks!



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