Adoration, Orientation, and other Preparations…

Why hello there! It’s been a while hasn’t it? Well, now I have much to tell you all.

First of all, you have not reached the wrong blog! I’m starting a massive chapter in my life in just a month and a half. I think that calls for a freshening up! So, I’ve got a brand spankin’ new layout for my entire blog.

Now, on to the meaty stuff. Since we’ve last spoken, I have received a book in the mail, been to SOAR (Queen’s “Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources”), applied for all my first year courses, and bought a pillow.

Eating Dirt

There are three things I am madly in love with right now:

  1. Queen’s,
  2. Reading (of course),
  3. My man.

For my personal wellbeing and happiness… Disclaimer: Not in that order.

So, imagine my elation when, after being away at the cottage for a week, I come home and in a matter of 15 minutes, I give a flying leap of a hug to the third and find that the first has sent me a means to the second. I had only just accepted Queen’s offer of admission a month before, and a tiny, itty-bitty part of my brain was still wondering “what if I’d picked another school?” Any tiny, itty-bitty speck of doubt was promptly swept from my mind when I opened the mailbox to find that my new school with whom I will be trusting my education has sent me a book in the mail, so that I might have something to do until summer ends and something to talk about with new friends when school begins. I smiled the dorkiest smile I’ve ever smiled in my entire career of geekness.

And now I’m sure: Queen’s is for me.


The one-day summer orientation was amazing. Not so much because of the preparatory information, however. If you know me well enough, you’ve probably guessed that I have torn apart Queen’s website, as well as the websites for SOAR, ASUS, DoPSYC, ASUSO, SA, SOLUS, and Moodle — all Queen’s acronyms that make sense to me now! There wasn’t much said at the orientation information sessions that I wasn’t already somewhat aware of. I did learn of one somewhat important thing though: Psychology is THE most competitive major to be accepted into at Queen’s. Apparently the minimum mark you need in Psych101 is an A. I wish they had put that on their website…

I also finally had a chance to see Queen’s. Let me tell you something, if I had been to Queen’s before I had applied for universities, I wouldn’t have wasted my time applying anywhere else. Any picture you can find of Queen’s just won’t do the phenomenal campus justice. The buildings are definitely bigger, have much more history, and far more beautiful than any image could hope to convey. My dad didn’t say a lot while we were there — I think he likes to absorb first — but at one quiet point in-between information sessions, he told me “This place is perfect for you…you’ll thrive here”.  And I couldn’t possibly say it better than that, except maybe to add: The libraries are huge.


This is what I’ve been most excited about telling you for a week now! As of July 9th at 8.00AM, I have officially been enrolled in the following Faculty of Arts and Science courses: Introduction to Cognitive Science; Introduction to Literary Studies; Gender, Race, & Popular Culture; Introduction to Sociology; World Religions/Religious Worlds; and — of course — Principles of Psychology. I can’t wait to start studying these amazing topics!!

I’ve been off school since February now, so I’ve been a little anxious about getting back in the groove of readings, studying, and deadlines. I’ve been reading as many books related to my courses as possible. Look out for a review of some of these books coming soon!

My room

I have begun the dorm-room decoration buying process. I don’t really like shopping, but I like the idea of creating my own space where all my living happens. I’m endlessly frustrated by my lack of permission to use thumb tacks on the walls, though. Don’t they know sticky tack won’t hold up anything?

That’s it for today, folks. See you soon with a couple book reviews!



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