Quarters, Clubs, and Classics

Well hello again :)

There are three things that interest me this week: living quarters at university, joining clubs, and another classic novel.

First, most importantly, and most relevant, I recently received an email from Queen’s letting me know that the (tentative) date for residence/roommate announcements will be August 3rd…this Friday! (Can you believe it’s almost August???) I’m very excited to find out if I’ll be getting my first choice for room-type and which residence I’ve been put into.

When we were accepted to Queen’s and guaranteed residence, we were asked to list our top five preferences by room-type, not residence building. Honestly, I’m not really a fan of that way of doing it, but I suppose some of the older buildings would never hear the sound of footsteps again if we could pick any residence we want. My top four were all different single room options, and since I ran out of those the fifth preference had to be a double room option. Those of you who know me well know that I’m way too OCD to survive living in such close quarters with someone, so fingers crossed (for my potential roommate’s sake) that I get a single room.

In terms of residence, what I’m most interested in is knowing what my chances are of getting the kind of room I want and if other people have the same ideas as me. Does everyone want a single room? Or do most people want to know what having a roommate is like? Do you want a bathroom attached to your room? Do me a favour and answer the poll below.

Another thought that’s been on my mind lately is joining clubs/societies/groups/associations at university. Other than the usual ‘it’s a great way to make friends,’ I think joining a club that really follows what I’m interested in might be a great way to spend some of my time and even beef up my resume a bit. Does anyone already have plans for clubs they might like to join? Or are you waiting to get to university to check out all your options?

Last but not least, I have finally started another classic: the Lord of the Rings series. I was warned that it’s nothing like The Hobbit and it’s crazy hard to get through, but I’m honestly not finding it nearly as descriptive and detailed as people have told me! Although, that may be because my brain automatically reads a little quicker (you might call this skimming) when I get to the family history sections…which, again, don’t happen as often as I was warned they would!

I must admit though that it is a slow read; the words are very small and there are a lot of them on each page. Overall, I’d have to say definitely read The Hobbit, and really make an effort to read Lord of the Rings. I don’t want to say the books are better than the movies, as the movies did take out a few somewhat unnecessary details of the books, but the books are definitely more involved and rewarding. And if you’ve already watched the movies, that will help you picture the many characters as you read! If you’ve read the books and watched the movies, feel free to let me know what your thoughts are. Is one media better than the other in this situation?

Also, don’t be afraid to comment guys! You won’t be automatically subscribed if you don’t want to be (you can do that too though!), you won’t get a million emails from me or from WordPress, and I promise to respond to your comments!

That’s it for today folks!



4 thoughts on “Quarters, Clubs, and Classics

  1. Hi! Just to let you know, the room assignments are up on the residence student web log in. Once you are logged in, go to the ‘bookings’ tab then ‘request a room change’ and your room assignment should be there! Hope you get the residence and style you want! :)

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