Residence and Results

Happy Monday readers :)

Before I tell you what residence I’m in, I’d like to say that I thought the Universe would be quite forgiving in this particular lottery. Usually I’m quite picky about what I want. But when it came to residences, I would have been happy with most of them. “My only stipulations,” I told the universe, “are that I would really like a single room, and it needs to be on main campus, preferably but not necessarily, in a co-ed residence.” Now that’s a pretty easy to please request, I think. All but one residence are on main campus, all but two residences are co-ed, and there’s a surprisingly large percentage of single rooms at Queen’s. Should be easy! Soooo…

Single room? Check. :)

Co-ed residence? Check. :)

On main campus? ….%$@&!@?&!!!!!

Seriously?! The single residence I didn’t want to be in is the one I end up with? You suck this week, Universe. This isn’t just blind displeasure though: I have logical reasons as to why I want to be on main campus and not in Jean Royce Hall. Being away from the action is 50% of it. I’m an introvert (thus the blog) but I wanted to challenge myself as I started university to be more social, more out-going and way more involved in my school community. If you’re an extravert, you may not understand why it’s a challenge at all, and if you’re an introvert, you may think I’m crazy, but it’s something that’s very important to me.

The other 50% is that I also know my limits. While I do want to challenge my current levels of social participation, I also know that if I challenge my severe tendencies to procrastinate…I will fail…miserably. If I’m not 4 minutes from the gym, I won’t go for a run. If I’m not 4 minutes from the library, I won’t go research…not in -20 degrees anyway. Logical reasons. Apparently I can apply for a room on main campus though, after September 10. We shall see!

So, how stressed are you about your first year? The results are in!

  • Almost half of you felt like high school hasn’t really prepared you for university, but only one poor guy or girl felt completely unprepared.
  • A third of you were worried most about the course loads and another third was worried about being on your own for the first time.
  • Most of you know a pretty decent amount of information about your new school, courses, teachers, and town. 8% of you knew the name of the school and that you got in, and 10% of you knew everything there is to know.
  • Nobody suggested that their school gave them no or even little/poor information. Everyone felt their school was at least pretty good.
  • And finally, for the question regarding the Queen’s Common Reading Program, 41% liked the idea but wanted a better book and 23% just love the idea.

That’s it for today, folks. If there’s anything you’d like to hear about from me, or any thoughts you may have on today’s post, let me know in the comments!



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