Residence Orientation

Day 1: Move-in Day

Well I’m here folks! I have finally made it to Queen’s University. Move-in day on Sunday was a blast. My room started out as a tiny little hole with broken windows. And now, thanks to my mum, dad, and boyfriend, I have a lovely little zen abode hidden in the dank-ish hallways of Healey House. I kind of love it. The first night, we went to our first residence dinner, which was followed by our very first “West Walk” to main campus from our residence here on West campus. We went to the opening ceremonies at the ARC (Athletics and Recreation Centre), and watched 21 Jump Street with our new dorm mates. It was quite the induction into Queen’s.

Day 2: Tours, my first Queen’s football game, and a carnival

You can really feel the community in a big way at Queen’s; it seeps from the buildings and floods the campus streets. It’s old and tight knit and competitive as hell. The Commerce and Engineering students are automatic rivals, the entire frosh population is subject to various forms of light hazing (water guns, water balloons, having the crap scared out of us by running mobs of upper year students yelling “FROOOOOSHHHHH!!!”), and, of course, the rivalry of West Campus vs. everyone else (…West is best, folks). The football game was awesome. Never have I seen a crowd of people so enthusiastic about their own team winning. And the long-standing tradition of Queen’s students singing The Oil Thigh after every touchdown must be really intimidating for other teams.

We ended the day with the Frosh Carnival and MuchMusic Dance Party. When I and the girls from my floor walked into the dance, held at a local community centre, we all said ‘Wow…didn’t think it would be this cool.” The music wasn’t really my style — a lot of Pitbull and Rihanna — but there was rock climbing, a photo booth, cotton candy and snow cone machines, and plenty of blow up tents, including a jump tent, two obstacle relay races, and a human foosball ‘court’. It was quite the event. Queen’s really goes all out for its students.

Day 3: Existere and Casino Night

Tuesday was the third and last day of Residence Orientation. We had down-time all morning to sleep off our two late nights. After lunch we all once again walked back to main campus to watch the hilarious comedy show by Existere (a Queen’s group) about some of the misconception students may have about university and their peers. We finished the day with Casino Night, a black and white night of legalized gambling, poker, salsa dancing and iPad prizes. The girls on my floor (yes, i include myself in that) dressed to kill.

So what I can tell you, folks, is that I probably won’t be applying for main campus residence after all. It’s taken a lot out of me to meet as many people as I have, and I also have my room just right. It would be such a pain to move. Next up is ArtSci Faculty Orientation from Wednesday until Saturday. Expect another post this weekend summing up my Orientation week for my first year of university.

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