Learning Experiences

Hey there, stranger!

As you may know, I began this blog to record my experiences as a university students. So take the last four and a half months of complete inactivity on this blog as a sign of what university life is like: keepgoingdontstophurryup.

That pretty much sums it all up.

First semester was certainly a learning experience for me. I have figured out:

  • how lectures work (go to them)
  • what a TA can do for you (highly dependent on their accent)
  • what meal plan to get (not the one I’m on)
  • the best places to study (anywhere that’s not residence)
  • and when to start studying for exams (way before whenever you actually started…even if that was October)
  • Oh! And I learned school stuff too. Really.

The main thing to take away from first semester was that I survived. And that I only have to do it seven more times before I can graduate! All in all, I’m just glad to say that 2012 is over. The entire year was, like I said, a learning experience, and an effective one at that…but not one I’d like to go through again. Getting into 2013, I’m feeling a lot more prepared and optimistic for what’s coming in second semester and in the next few years of university.

So, “What is coming in second semester??” you might ask, with unbridled excitement. Well, it’s been really exciting so far, actually! I’ve started a new course called Gender Studies (but I’m calling it Minority Studies in my head because that seems more appropriate). The lectures are fascinating. I honestly just want to bring a bag of popcorn to this enlightening two hour event I get to go to every week. So far, we’ve watched Ellen and analyzed Tinkerbell in class and been given a chance to choose what we would like to learn this semester. On top of that, my Sociology professor analyzed two hockey games and an entire episode of Big Bang Theory today. I now know why Sheldon is funny. …And with the semester starting off this well, I have lots of plans for the rest of it.

I once read that you’re not supposed to tell people what your goals and resolutions are because the satisfaction you get from saying you’re going to do it and other people congratulating you makes you feel like you’ve already done your job. So I’m not going to tell you what my goals are! But I will tell you what’s on the menu in the next month or so:

  • find and lease a house in Kingston for myself and three of my friends from residence
  • keep chugging along in my English, Psychology, Religion, and Sociology courses
  • start my new fascinating course on Gender Studies (I have to blog for that course, so I’ll be posting links!)
  • keep posting on my blog??

I do apologize for not making time to blog. Now that I’ve got the hang of this “university” thing, I’m hoping to make time to write more for you guys!

Talk soon!



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