Abode, a breeze, a break!

Why, hello again! (Check me out, writing multiple posts in such quick succession!)

First and most important…I have a home next year!!!! I’m so unbelievably excited about this! Along with three amazing girls from my floor, I will be living in an adorable house not too far from campus! The rent isn’t bad and it’s not falling apart! We’ve already decided who gets what room and who’s bringing what furniture. I’ve gotta say, this is a very exciting, (so close to being) grown up experience for me. I’m already bursting with excitement for next September!

One of my housemates and I went to a housing meeting, which was intended to inform us of the various ways and trickery of landlords in Kingston and the kinds of things we should be looking for and avoiding in our house buying process. One of the hosts of the meeting explained why it’s so detrimental to call the student housing area for Queen’s ‘the ghetto’. If we imagine our home as part of a ghetto (and when you think about it, that’s just awful), we’ll treat it as such. We’ll expect less from our landlords and their properties, and we’ll get less. So, Queen’s is pushing the newer term ‘the university district’. I like it. I think it sounds fancy. Do I think people will adopt the new name? Not a chance: It’s not catchy enough, and just calling it ‘the district’ sounds creepy.

How is your housing experience going? If you’re a first year, have you found your perfect house yet or are you still looking? If you already have a house, do you have any tips and tricks for dealing with landlords or making your temporary house feel like home? Let me know!

Secondly, what is up with this Canadian winter? Last week was a lovely -36°. Joy. And yet this week will have a high of 10°! Has this ever happened before? I think not. And I’ve gotta say, I’m not loving this Kingston-style windchill. -20° is fine and Canadian enough, but when you add on another -10° for windchill, it does not inspire leaving the building!

Lastly, I feel a little spoiled with all these breaks from school! I know they say second semester goes by fast; I have experienced this in high school. But it honestly feels like I just got off winter break…and yet it’s only another little while until spring reading week! Granted, I’ll probably have to do a ton of work and readings during my spring break. But if I can do that work at home with my man and a fireplace and free food that’s made with love, I say that’s a pretty good deal. How are you finding your second semester? Did you learn anything in first semester that you’d like to share?

And on that note, I find myself hungry. I shall venture to the caf to find something semi-healthy.

Talk soon, Kenzie


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